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19-21 ноября 2012 г. на Факультете социологии будет проходить конференция "Межкультурные взаимодействия в условиях глобализации: опыт России и Кореи". Срок подачи заявок - 15 мая, статей для публикации - 15 сентября 2012 г.  Подробнее (English)

25-26 сентября 2012 г. Академия корееведения проводит международный конгресс  "Трансформация корейских традиций: прошлое и настоящее" в Сеуле. Срок подачи заявок: 5 марта-27 апреля 2012 г. Подробнее.

6-9 июня 2013 г. Европейская ассоциация корейских исследований проводит 26-й конгресс корееведов в Вене. Срок подачи заявок: 1 марта-30 июня 2012 г. Подробнее.

СТУДЕНТЫ магистерской программы приглашаются к участию в конференции молодых корееведов в Варшаве, Польша в сентябре 2012. Победителям конкурса студенческих работ компенсируются все расходы по участию в конференции. Подробнее.

Студенты и преподаватели магистерской программы могут принять участие в следующих конференциях:

Конференция в Чикаго, США по менеджменту и культуре организации
Конференция в Стелленбоше, Южная Африка по кросскультурной психологии
Конференция в Chapman University, США по странам БРИК

Call for Papers

Medien Journal. Zeitschrift für Kommunikationskultur

Vierteljahreszeitschrift der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Kommunikationswissenschaft

(ÖGK), Jahrgang 2012


BRICS: New challenges in the field of communication

Deadline for submission: 31.1.2012


The global division of power is undergoing rapid transition. Balances are changing, with new dynamics leading to shifts in power. Whereas much of the Western focus has remained on the meetings of the G8 and G20, there has been less recognition that the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) are already organizing their fourth summit. They represent a driving force behind the emerging markets, becoming an increasingly important geopolitical counterweight to the West. The BRICS states are home to some 40% of the world’s population, and, with their approx. 25% share of world production, have been demonstrating impressive economic growth, despite the global financial crisis. This shift in economic and political power also influences the global media culture. Therefore the time is ripe to extend the focus of communications studies to encompass these important and controversial developments.


Articles submitted to this special issue of Medien Journal should begin with a brief survey of the communications landscape in one or more of the BRICS countries, before dealing in greater detail with selected aspect(s) of relevance to the study of media and communications.


Topics may include:

·        Intercultural and transcultural aspects of transboundary communication, cooperation and collaboration, as well as structural gaps and frictions

·        Issues relevant within the broader academic fields of international/global communication

·        Media development in the BRICS countries, and international relations (including the ’big brother‘ problematique)

·        Current media-economic and media-political issues

·        Cultural comparison and analysis of themes like the role of the media in society today, cultural change and identity construction

·        Transformation and cultural dynamics in the BRICS countries


Criteria for submission:

·        Original texts not previously published elsewhere

·        Manuscripts submitted to Medien Journal should not be published elsewhere until the peer-review process has been finished

·        Papers between 3,000 and 4,500 words (approx. 10–12 pages)

·        Submissions must contain an abstract (10 lines) and a brief biographical note on each author (max. 3 lines)

·        Text has to be submitted in English – submissions must follow APA style guides

·        Deadline for submission: 31.1.2012


This issue of Medien Journal, the double-blind, peer-reviewed quarterly journal of the Austrian Communication Association (ÖGK), will be published on the occasion of the 20st anniversary of the founding of the transcultural communication division at the Department of Communication, University of Salzburg.


Please send submissions to the editor:



 Конференция в Стамбуле, Турция по этнической социологии

Call for papers

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences of Sabanci University, Istanbul and
the Marie Curie Action "Sustainable Peace Building"
funded under the EU's 7th Framework Programme invite contributions to
Interdisciplinary and Comparative Approaches to Ethnic Conflict: An
International Symposium on 5-6 May 2012.

This interdisciplinary conference is dedicated to furthering our
understanding of the debates around the causes of ethnic violence, the
impact of ethnic tensions and violence on different groups, and the
challenges of regulating ethnic conflict on both a global and local scale.

We invite papers around a wide range of themes:
-Ethnicity, Migration and the Diaspora
-Ethnicity, Media and Violence
-Ethnicity and Civil War
-Ethnicity, Conflict and Religion
-Ethnicity, Violence and Gender
-Ethnic Conflict, Reconciliation and Democratization -International
Regulation of Ethnic Conflict

Submission of Papers:

In the spirit of providing a widely inclusive platform for debate, we invite
abstracts for papers adopting a variety of critical approaches to the study
of ethnic conflict. However, comparative research analyzing the challenges
of accommodation in the Post-Ottoman societies and the successor states are
highly welcome. Please send your CV and a 500 word maximum abstract of an
unpublished paper by 1 February 2012 to bcelik@sabanciuniv.edu.
Successful applicants will be notified by 15 February 2012. Limited funding
is available for some participants. Some papers will be selected for
submissions to an edited book/journal.

Date and Venue:
5-6 May 2012; Sabanci University Karakoy Communication Center, Bankalar
Caddesi No. 2. Karaköy, Karakoy District, European Side, Istanbul.

Organizing committee:
Ayşe Betül Çelik, Tessa Diphoorn, Victoria Araj
Ayse Betul Celik
Docent Dr./Associate Professor
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Sabanci University
Orhanli Tuzla, Istanbul Turkey 34956
+90 (216) 483 9298

8 апреля 2011г.
в Сеуле прошла международная конференция "Россия и Корея в эпоху глобализации: вызовы, тенденции и перспективы".
Конференция была организована Институтом российских исследований Университета иностранных языков "Ханкук" и Институтом восточных и западных обществ Факультете социологии СПбГУ

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