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"Global Sociology: Comparative Perspectives"

Specialization 040100 "Sociology” conducted in English


The international MA program "Global Sociology: Comparative Perspectives” was founded by the Faculty of Sociology, Saint Petersburg State University in collaboration with South Korean and European  universities and academic foundations. The idea of the MA program is based on importance of knowledge and skills of comparative sociological analysis of contemporary social, political, economic and cultural problems and processes which are typical to Western and Eastern societies under globalization.

All courses of the MA program are taught in English by the leading professors and lecturers from Russia, Germany, the Netherlands and South Korea. Students also have an opportunity to study Korean language with a Korean lecturer.

The MA program aim is to prepare highly qualified specialists in sociology by:

·         thorough study of theory and methods of comparative sociology and globalization;

·         participation in exchange programs and academic mobility;

·         conducting comparative research projects;

·         internship at Russian and foreign companies, public structures and international organizations;

·         professional foreign language training;

·         business communication skills development.

Knowledge and skills of the graduates will be used in their future work at foreign companies, non-government organizations, Russian and foreign foundations, tourism business and mass media.

MA program graduates work as academic project coordinators, international program managers, marketing and logistics specialists, researchers and experts in sociological centers, radio and TV program organizers and continue studying in PhD programs in Russia and abroad.

In 2011 the Institute of Eastern and Western Societies launched the five-year academic project "Social Transformations of Russia and South Korea under Globalization” supported by the Academy of Korean Studies (Republic of Korea). Students of the MA program "Global Sociology: Comparative Perspectives” received opportunity to participate in professional exchange programs in Korean universities and companies.


Rimma Tangalycheva, PhD in Sociology is Director of the MA program, Associate Professor of the Dept. of Sociology of Culture and Communication, Director of the Institute of Eastern and Western Societies, the author of a few dozen articles and several monographs on intercultural communication and globalization, research manager of several academic projects supported by Russian and foreign foundations.


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